Minecraft Pocket Edition Apk 1.1 Mod Download

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Minecraft Pocket Edition Apk 1.1 Mod Download

Minecraft Pocket Edition Apk 1.1 Mod Download
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Description Minecraft Pocket Edition Apk :

Minecraft Pocket Edition is virtually the same as a computer version, so fans will find a lot of familiar details in the mobile version. Minecraft is your special, unique retro style. Everything that happens in this world is extremely simple and kazual’.

Minecraft is a game in which graphics and other technical features are not as important as process. Because it gives users a lot of interesting opportunities that will leave no one indifferent. In this toy, you build your own computer world by using different blocks.

Minecraft is not easy, but it’s just simple details that complicate the process and make it more intriguing. By creating your own universe, you can use different kinds of blocks that perform different functions and differ in different properties. By using blocks, you can build anything your soul wants, including: Castles and Palaces, roads and bridges, and even golf stadiums.

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Minecraft Pocket Mods Apk Feature :

Stained Glass
Jukeboxes, Music Disks
More World Sizes
Biome-exclusive difficulty
Hardcore Mode
Re-implementation of Cyan Flower

Whats News Mine Craft Apk :

What’s New in 1.1
Introducing the Marketplace: the best way to connect to a universe of content, including community creations!
Forest mansions, complete with illagers, totem of undying!
New Skyrim mash-up pack
Barter with a cartographer for a treasure map and sling your supplies into a shulker box. Frostwalking and mending enchantments will assist you on your journey.
Creators can now dye beds, smelt ingots, and build with the fancypants new blocks: glazed terracotta and concrete.

Minecraft Hacked Apk Info:

MOD 1:
Unlocked premium skins
Unlocked premium textures
MOD 2:
1. Unlocked premium skins
2. Unlocked premium textures
3. No damage mod
4. Unlimited breath
5. Max Inventory Size
6. 1 hit kill with weapons
7. Max score
8. Indestructible Tools


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