Google Camera Apk 4.4 Android App Download

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Google Camera Apk 4.4 Android App Download

Google Camera Apk 4.4 Android App Download
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Description Google Mirror :

Google camera-A program that helps you shoot photos, videos, panoramas. You can always get quality photos and capture stunning video. The software supports both smartphones and tablets, and the updated interface is even better, and it’s easier to use the software.

Google camera is an android-enabled official camera app developed by Google, instead of the default camera app.

It’s a shame to be surprised at first with Google camera. The problem is that the button to take a picture takes up one fifth of the screen and hides most of it. But despite this problem, the rest of the interface is very easy to use.

If you want to photograph a 360-degree view of the surroundings, you can take a picture of a sphere. You can also use the depth of the field (false) on the surface of the SLR to apply a misaligned effect to take a photo or enable high-resolution panoramic image mode. All of these are available on the side panel that can be extended.

Google cameras is a great camera app that doesn’t require a lot of filters and other cool features. What you need-take a good photo at any time-is an alternative app that you can rely on.

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Google Kamera Feature :

Photo Sphere function to create a circular panorama
Blur effect like a mirrored camera
High-resolution panorama mode
Maximum viewfinder resolution
Updated interface: Handy settings and a large shutter button.

Whats News Google Camera App Download :

New zoom control bar
New “Camera Sounds” toggle
The exposure control sticks around if it’s modified


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