Go Radar Android 1.3 App Free Download

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Go Radar Android 1.3 App Free Download

Go Radar Android 1.3 App Free Download
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Description Go Radar Android :

It’s been a while since Pokévision was shut down by developer Niantic, but Pokétrainers have endeavoured to create numerous replacements ever since. The original tool showed nearby creatures on a simple, Google Maps-based layout, cutting out some of the guesswork involved in Pokémon hunting.

Niantic claims Pokévision essentially amounted to cheating, as it gave players an unfair advantage over those using Pokémon Go’s built-in tracker – a tracker which, incidentally, was removed in the latest game update because it was so unreliable.

Pokévision creator Yang Liu responded in an open letter posted to Medium, saying that his app didn’t amount to cheating because of the unreliability of the native tracker. Despite his impassioned objection however, Pokévision remains dead in the water.

MPU 1 (Desktop / Tablet)
Gamers have therefore been stuck trying to find and catch Pokémon the old fashioned way: actually walking around. But fear not, there are some decent Pokévision alternatives out there.

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Pokemon Go Radar Android Feature :

Help to find strongest Pokemon
** Currently Seoul only !!

Whats News Poke Radar Android :

Data enhance
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