Adventure Capitalist Mod Apk v5.1 Hacked Money

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Adventure Capitalist Mod Apk v5.1 Hacked Money

Adventure Capitalist Mod Apk v5.1 Hacked Money
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OS: Android2.3.3+
Category: Simulation
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Description Megabucks Adventure Capitalist :

Welcome to the AdVenture Capitalist, energetic young investor! Perhaps the best Simulator of capitalism in the world!

Have you ever dreamed about your own business? Wanted to be the master of your destiny? Wished to establish its multinational group and define the global monopolistic economy? Then the AdVenture Capitalist created just for you!

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Adventure Capitalist Mega Boost Strategy Feature :

Take the first step towards world domination, clicking on the scale of progress kiosk with lemonade. Keep clicking until you have enough to buy more vyzhimalok! Now you know what to do.
Hire employees, buy modern improvements, dominate the market and attract business angels to increase profits! Only Forward, FORWARD, FORWARD!
Adventure Capitalist is really fascinating simple game.

Whats News Mega Tickets Adventure Capitalist :

Hey Capitalists! Here’s what’s new:
– More Moon stuff!
– New achievements for Earth.Progress!
– Moon modifications – moon is faster now.
– Better Orange Dot! Now it tells you when you have something new, goes away once check it out. Useful for you OCD types!
– End Game celebration! We added confetti and stuff – good job! Escape while you can!
– Angel Reset suggestions
Check for more details. Thanks for your continued interest in Capitalism!

Adventure Capitalist Megabucks Strategy Info:

1. Golds*
2. Mega Tickets*
3. Mega Bucks*


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